Qatar Dhow Cruise- An Evening Entertainment For Tourists

A little brief on the Qatar and its Dhow:

Doha, the capital of the Gulf Country Qatar, offers its tourist with one of the world’s best city life and Middle Eastern souks. Though Doha is famous for its Skyscrapers and shopping malls, the place has more to offer. Doha offers tourists with its promenade bay stretching for 7Km, the Doha Corniche. Like any other Arabic City, Doha also offers tourist the charm of Camel rides on sand dunes. But the most prominent entertainment starts with the sunset as the Dhow sets off from the Corniche of Doha.

Description of Qatar Dhow Cruise:

The sunset time of Doha is well marked by the tourists as the time to enjoy the teal Gulf water of Arabia, while floating on a Dhow. Qatar Dhow cruise is nothing but a traditional Arabic Wooden boat that used to be the mode of transport for fishermen and merchants. A dhow cruise is the perfect gateway for every tourist during sunset. Here you get to enjoy the sere sight and the soothing colours on sky as the sun sets across the skyscrapers of Doha. You simply float on the Gulf waters as the sun sets and enjoy the cool breeze flowing. The waterfront of Doha, Corniche, offers you with a wide array of wooden boats to select from. You get an option to choose a Show of your choice.

Cruising along the Doha Corniche in Dhow Cruise:

The evening you plan to enjoy the Gulf waters you just need to visit the waterfront area. You can see what Dhow boat Doha Corniche has to offer you. Once you make up your mind on a Dhow all you need to do is approach the captain of the boat and negotiate on the fees. You can choose to sail in a boat hired exclusively for you and your family. If you are taking a private boat then you are free to decide on the sailing course of the Dhow. But if you have chosen shared or entertainment boat then you will have to abide by the course that has been predetermined. Enjoy Doha from various angles in your private Dhow as you float along the Corniche.

The interiors of Qatar Dhow Cruise:

The Dhow Cruise, being a traditional Arabic Boat, is typically made up of wood. The boat maintains the Qatari traditions in all aspect. Even the seating arrangement on the top deck is nothing but well arranged colourful cushions. Your boat has a selected arrangement of cushions in it along with small stool to keep food and Hookah. Enjoy the Dhow cruise in Arabic style.

The Show Entertainment boat:

Dhow Cruise in Qatar is also available as an entertainment boat. This boat generally sails off in the evening with sun set. The boat has an arrangement of Arabic music and dance performance on board for guest entertainment. Guests can enjoy the music along with the free flow of snacks on board. That’s not the end of it. The entertainment cruise also provides an elaborate buffet layout for the passengers. Enjoy your lavish buffet on the Dhow with the special selection of BBQ items or Kebabs.

The cost for Dhow Cruise:

In general if you want to experience an hour’s cruise along the Doha Corniche then the Dhow cruise can cost you around QR200. But if you wish to explore more you need to negotiate well. Of course there are different tariffs for different kinds of entertainment cruises.


If you want to see the colours of Doha skyscrapers in the evening then the Qatar Dhow experience is definitely a recommended one. If you want an evening entertainment apart from the city life then Dhow cruises will offer you with the best collection of Arabic music and dance performances. Last but not the least; you can taste the best Kebabs of Arab out here on board the Dhow cruise.