Taxi scandals to avoid when you travel

Nothing like the feeling of a brand-new SUV waiting for you. On the inside it’s clean, smells fresh, and the AC is on. Welcome to the cab culture.

Vacation planning is fun. But if you plan to hire a cab, take note of the below points. Use this trip planning website to plan your next vacay!

  • Make sure that the trip has ended

You have arrived at your destination and you got out of the cab in a hurry without checking if the driver has ended your ride. It is only later, when you are charged, that you realise that your $10 bill has gone up to $50. To avoid these situations, always ask the driver if he has ended the ride before you get out of the taxi.

  • Study the routes

Some taxi drivers may want to take longer routes so that the meter runs up high. But when your driver hears you say, “Why not we take route X, I think we can avoid the traffic that way” he is going to think that you know your way around the place and this way you may be successful in avoiding an impending scam.

  • Know if tipping necessary

In some countries, tipping is customary, and the driver is going to expect some extra cash at the end of the trip. Make sure you read about the tipping culture of the country/city you are visiting, well in advance.

  • Extra charges

Make sure you read about the taxi company’s rules and regulations before booking a cab with them. Are they going to charge you for extra baggage? Do the additional passengers need to shell out more cash? Or do you need to pay more for the rush hours? Make sure you are well-versed will all these customs beforehand.

  • Extra cash

You have arrived at the toll booth and the driver asks you to pay the toll? But did you notice, when you booked your cab through the app, it said ‘toll included.’ In a situation like this one, explain to your cabbie that the amount for the toll is already included in your final bill.

  • Make a smart choice

You have been a loyal customer of this one particular taxi service all your life. But sometimes, it is always wise to check other service providers for more competitive rates. Or even the local taxis.

  • Cancellation

Probably the trickiest part of the game. Many cab drivers are known to just sit around and make you wait so that you eventually give up and cancel the ride and get charged for the cancellation fees. If your driver is taking long to arrive, call him up and ask him about his whereabouts. If you sense that he is delaying on purpose, ask the driver to cancel the ride. Never cancel the ride from your end in situations like these.