Carpooling Is actually New Method of Travelling within Bangalore

Today within Cosmopolitan town like Bangalore Visitors is main reason for accidents, every single day lot associated with commuters pass away in mishaps. The denseness of automobiles getting increasingly more in Bangalore. Around sixty lakhs personal vehicles are about the roads associated with Bangalore and many of these vehicles tend to be travelling along with empty chairs.It’s a well known fact that in order to cross the traffic junction within Bangalore requires nothing under 30 min’s. A current study exposed that automobiles move because slow because 4 in order to 5 km/hr within peak several hours. Some associated with highly stuffed up traffic places are the following:
Considering these types of, has come up with a New way of Car-pooling. Carpooling is not a new concept. In past many players in market failed mainly because of lack of awareness and viable business model in this sector. But things are evolving, people are open to share a ride with other commuters. They are ok with travelling in others’ vehicle as well. ‘’ has changed the way of pooling vehicles. It has designed the concept/product while keeping in mind about the challenges faced by users. Traffic department in Bangalore too conducted carpooling campaigns to ease vehicular traffic. They are lending good support to carpooling Industry. Mycotra is aiming to first reduce the traffic congestion, making commuting economical, reduce carbon foot print and make a real positive impact in our country. is emerging as a bright prospective in carpooling Industry.Advantages of Carpooling:• Carpooling software (Mycotra) assists the users to understand detail concerning the vehicle proprietor before asking for for sharing the automobile space.• Users may match depending on interest, kind of vehicle required, time, area, etc.• offers it users social platform to share user’s views, likes, comments and more• Mycotra additionally integrated VOIP with regard to user’s comfort, Both Automobile owner as well as rider searchers can contact by using this platform with no hurdles.• Using software wallet providers Co-travellers could make payment with straight forward.• Mycotra providing users an excellent beneficiary such as comfort, price effect, privateness and security features, and so on.Mission:Our objective at MyCotra evolves round the giving comfy, safe, safe and affordable commuting in order to people.Let’s consider an initiative to make use of carpooling these days!

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