Vacationing by street from Hyderabad in order to Latur inside a Self-Drive Vehicle

Traveling on the highway for a good odd two hundred and fifty kilometers or even more does not really appear much after we know that the beautiful location is awaiting us. Whenever you live as well as work within Hyderabad, you mustn’t miss 1 beautiful visitor spot known as Latur, which can be found far away of just 266 kms. You may cover the length by street in nearly 7-8 hours based on how sluggish or quick you generate. Ideally, you might need one in order to two days to go to around Latur as well as explore this properly.

Located in Maharashtra, Latur gives a little our amazing history even in our times. Historians as well as adventure searchers often arrive here in order to witness the actual breathtaking sights of numerous forts along with other monuments. The town was produced by the Full Amoghvasha from the Rashtrakutas since it was the actual native habitat from the dynasty too. The center point associated with Latur is called Ganjgolai because Shri Faiyajuddin; the city planner had ready to mark it since the Ganjgolai Chowk. People frequently take Self-drive Vehicle Rentals within Hyderabad to go to Latur, the industry popular spot to vacation.


Situated nearly 20 kilometers in the Latur town, Ausa may be the headquarter associated with Taluka. You’ll find an historic fort in the area which happens to be in damages. There is really a Virnath Maharaj forehead, built through Mallinath Maharaj close to 300 in years past, which you can travel to to look for blessings through God.

Ganj Golai

This two-story monument is situated in the heart of Latur town, and it had been constructed within 1917 having a temple associated with Goddess Durga. It’s linked along with sixteen highways housing numerous markets, which market traditional things for example footwear, precious metal, and much more. Ganj Golai is really a famous industrial and industry center with regard to various items.

Kharosa Caves

Kharosa town houses the actual Kharosa Caves which were built within the 6th century throughout the Gupta time period. These caves tend to be famous for that sculptures associated with Ravana, Shiv-Parvati, Kartikeya, Narasimha. Among the twelve caves from the Kharosa Caves comprises a picture of the Jain Tirthankara. You may also explore the actual temple associated with Renuka Devi within the upper region from the hill and also a mosque depicting the actual unity associated with Hindus as well as Muslims. Along with the slope, Seeta Nhani or even Seeta’s bathroom is situated as the actual locals think that the Seeta together with her spouse, Ram as well as brother within law, Lakshman, as soon as resided right here.

Surat Shawali Darga

The Surat Shawali Darga was built-in the storage of Saif Ulla Shah Sardari within 1939. It’s situated within the Patel Chowk Memory Galli, that conducts the five-day yearly fair throughout June-July.

Wadwal Nagnath Wager

The Wadwal Nagnath Wager is famous to be the hilly area housing the actual rare species of numerous ayurvedic vegetation and shrubbery. The place can be found at a good altitude associated with 600-700 ft above the ocean level, and it is located simply 3 kilometers from the Wadwal Nagnath town and sixteen kilometers through Chakur.


Chakur is really a town located 35 kilometers from Latur about the Latur-Nanded condition highway. The area comprises the shrine associated with Lord Shiva together with an enjoyment park.


The Hattibet-Devarjan is really a charming location neighboring Udgir. A little hill in the area comprises the actual tomb or even Samadhi associated with Gangaram Maharaj. The area is admired because of its cave carvings. Hattibet-Devarjan offers produced numerous freedom fighters that contributed within the freedom battle and dropped their life.


The little town associated with Kasarshirshi offers historical significance in India’s background. The historic inscriptions which are found right here date to 696-697 ADVERT.

Nana Nani Recreation area

The Nana-Nani Recreation area is popular one of the locals because of its lake surrounded with a walking monitor. The nearby temple associated with Lord Shiva is very famous using the localities. You may take a fast visit or even spend leisurely amount of time in this park each morning or night.


Nilanga is really a taluka headquarter famous for that magnificent Nilkanteshwar forehead. This location, Nilanga, was named following the Nilkanteshwar, that is the Gramdaivat from the region.

Shirur Anatpal

Shirur Anatpal is really a relatively brand new town famous for that shrine associated with Lord Shiva. There’s another 11th-century Shiva forehead located 12 kms away within the Hippalgaon town. This temple includes a porcelain figurine of Devi Mahishasur along with a Shiva Lingam built-in black rock. The edges and sides from the temple tend to be beset along with carved figurines of various Gods as well as Goddesses. The actual temple performs a holy routine on each and every Dwadashi as well as Chaitra Ekadashi which witnesses two. 5 lac pilgrims each year.

Latur is an excellent city which welcomes vacationers from numerous corners from the country around the year. Hyderabad is specially close in order to Latur, making these 2 cities well-known destinations with regard to weekend escapes. Driving in order to Latur following taking Self-drive Vehicles in Hyderabad is a good option for individuals who want the convenient however affordable journey. The choice of Self-drive Vehicles Hyderabad offers gained popularity following the chauffeur-driven cabs grew to become expensive with regard to inter-city vacationing.

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